19th August 2014 – Learning the ABCs and Bankruptcy in Hyderabad, a Fantasy World.‏

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Best Table Topics Speaker – Gary Goh from UBD

On this alluring night, Sarizah presented an inspiring CC3:Get to the point speech titled ‘ABCDEF Go!’ And it was literally just that! To keep motivated in life, just sing the alphabet, says Sarizah.

A-ll things are possible; You bet it is.

B-e more confident; Confidence drives you.
C-ool down; A formula that will guarantee work to solve practically any situation.
D-ream big! The bigger your dream is, the farther your eyes will open up to vast opportunities.
E-nvision; Looking far ahead will let you plan out your goals easily.
F-ellowship; Because being around with similar minded people keeps you positive and propel you onwards.
G-o! Sing it till F and you’re ready to G-o!

Astonishing speech, Sarizah.

Secondly was a vocal variety speech. Ching told us of his adventures in Hyderabad, India for a convention in 2012. This unforgettable tale started at midnight when Ching was woken up in a bus by rowdy honks from motorbikes on the roads. At first, he didn’t mind. Then, he realized that honking was a form of communication here in Hyderabad. The first of many cultural eye-openers. Soon after, Ching arrived at his hotel only to find the kind of setting he could see in movies. Under the bus, it was checked by mirrors, security checks on his bags and metal detectors even.

On the next day(after the convention), in the bustling streets, Chings’ friend, Allen was a hot target for pickpocket by a small boy. It made Ching realize the great approaches the citizens have to go through in order to survive. Pickpocketting is common, beggers too, streets are just crammed with people in every minute of the daylight. Then all of a sudden, came an explosion.

On the news that day, 12 people died due to a detonated bomb just a few kilometres from where Ching was. This demonstrated an everyday havoc Hyderabad has to go through day by day. Just two days into the trip, so much has happened. What if Ching died that day? What would happen in the aftermath? What would happen to his family? friends? his girlfriend? It would happen so quick, and irreversible.

Luckily, the next few days were uneventful. When Ching finally flew back to Singapore, he felt the utmost relief. Questions and what ifs still swarmed his mind about Hyderabad until this very day.

Finally, Nur presented her ACB 5 speech about the leads to fall into bankruptcy. Hence, to avoid it overall. Being bankrupt is defined as someone declared by law who cannot repay their debt. A loan of $5000 could eventually skyrocket to a $20000 debt if carelessly processed. The road to being bankrupt is often misunderstood. It is a long process that could take up to 10 years. Nur has had a record unsolved case since 2002! Furthermore, you are in a serious situation if you have seen two judges or more. Would you fall into this trap of bankruptcy? Just don’t. Court proceedings are just plain intimidating. Forewarned is forearmed.

Our next session was led by me being the table topics master with a theme ‘A Different World.’ Firstly, Allen was called up to talk about his grandmother, the alien. What mysteries could this visitor bring? Lai Foong, being a math teacher was now in a cubical earth rather than the spherical now. Edward lived in Jurassic Park, possibly eaten.. Perhaps me too. Next, we have Cornelia who inhabited the world of Pangea. Travelling would be very short here says Cornelia. Gary won the table topics session with him being the superhero in his speech. Now you know who to call if your cat is stuck in a tree. Nick is living in the blue world of Atlantis with the wonderful sea creatures. And finally, Jordan became the literal mobile suit gundam who will dash through the skies with his pilot commanding him from the inside of  his head.

Tonight was a fantasy meeting, a melange of worlds mashed up together. And the citizens were Toastmasters and guests.


Have a fantastic week ahead!
Farhan Jafar Ali

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