ExCo 2014/2015


Seated (l-R) - Allen, Hazwan, Stuart, Reuben
Standing (l-R) - Shiela, Joel, Amran, Seng Yee


Hazwan Kamarulzaman

VP Education

Allen Ang

VP Membership

Reuben Chin

VP Public Relations

Chang Seng Yee


Shiela Obedoza


Joel Loo

Sergeant at Arms

Amran Jamaluddin

Immediate Past President

Stuart Lee


Welcome Message from Past President;

Welcome to the Brunei Speakers’ Club.

Your desire to improve your communication skills may have drawn you here, or it may have been your drive to better yourself as a leader. For myself, I joined to learn and appreciate the finer details of communicating with people. My communication skills continue to improve each week I am with the Brunei Speakers’ Club. I stay because I develop my interpersonal skills, and become a better person each week. It is so motivating to always learn practical skills to use in my everyday life here. It is also so rewarding to know I help other members learn too. Members of the Brunei Speakers’ Club are here to learn, and they are here to help others from all walks of life develop their interpersonal skills which then helps them achieve their personal goals. We respect our members’ cultural diversity, we all mutually learn from one another’s experiences, and we learn in an encouraging and professional environment. I have learned to be comfortable with speaking in front of audiences. As more of an introvert, I cannot express enough how much this is an achievement for me. I use the leadership skills I learn here at the office. The work days I have with many colleagues and acquaintances always feel productive and encouraging. I have learned so much yet I know there is so much more for me to learn here. This is what being with the Brunei Speakers’ Club means to me. I always learn something new. Whether we have common or different goals, the Brunei Speakers’ Club can help you develop your interpersonal skills. This then will no doubt give you the confidence to pursue and achieve your personal goals.

2014-2015 President,

Hazwan Kamarulzaman

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