22nd July 2014 – The Bruneian Gangster and His Mouse Go Shopping in Hong Kong

A dictionary always comes in handy in Toastmaster meeting.

Ruey, our best Table Topics Speaker of the evening!

Shawn imitating Allen during his Table Topics evaluation!

The first part of our weekly meeting started off with Jordan’s CC3 project. He delivered us a speech about an in depth information on our teeny yet daily asset, the computer mouse. Who knew this tiny piece of technology about the size of our fists possess great impact on the way we live? Jordan, who is a creative designer, takes great consideration when purchasing a new mouse. It could take him months of research to decide on a single personal mouse. In his case, he would need a 5 button mouse. However, these rodents can contain up to 10 buttons, or more! If your 5 fingers can stretch so much that is.

The three important factors of the computer mouse are ergonomics, to be flat as possible to fit your palm, accuracy which is determined by the dots per inch unit on the screen and the click life also known as its’ lifespan. 500 clicks per day? Gentle user. Which would last 6 months. Thank you Xerox, says Jordan, on ever inventing the computer mouse. Jordan left us with his own quote to live by, “Never settle for a cheap mouse, never discount the importance of a good one. A good mouse in your hand could worth 10 in the bin.”

Our second speaker was Serene who entranced us with her hypnotizing speech about the beauty of Hong Kong. Simply put, Hong Kong: Food Haven, Shopping Paradise. Her love for this city bedazzled us what with the mouth-watering descriptions of the sweet milk tea, superbly crafted dim sum and the freshly baked pineapple buns, amongst others. Also, the grand sales of various luxury items for very cheap prices! Handbags and watches? Shop till you drop!

Hong Kong is a city of contrast. Skyscrapers dominantly stand tall yet even with this urban feature, it still possess rich cultural heritage. State-of-the-art MRT conveniently makes travel easier, 50 floor tall buildings contain lifts that carry people quickly, and car tunnels make traffic congestion a thing of the past. Serene is especially impressed with the people. The people of Hong Kong are never afraid to voice out their opinion. Whenever they have protests, it is always a peaceful one, violence never existing here. Even the police do not interrupt them. The people are courteous and compassionate. For example, in trains, people would give up their seats for the elderly very quickly. This unselfishness makes Hong Kong united as a nation. Serene fell in love with Hong Kong. Like a snapshot in time, the memories of Hong Kong will forever be etched in her heart.

Ho Chiak Restaurant. This was where Ling Ling had seen her first ever Bruneian gangster. His shoes covered with dirt, some holes found on his shirt, his hair never acquinted with shampoo. While eating, Ling Ling questioned her father on how this scary man came to look like the way he was. He said, these people have the greatest stories to tell. Their might and strength was greatly appreciated during the 1960s. Not so in the present. However, under this coat of wrath, lies a man of change. And this was how his story began.

In a twist of fate, the Bruneian gangster was gifted with a child. His whole heart softened ever so slightly to say, “Never again. I will not fight and commit to violence. I will teach this boy the things I have never learnt from my own father. I will teach him how to walk, run and ride a bicycle. I will teach him honour and respect. To study hard and never become Me.” And so the child did. He grew up smart and disciplined. The pride and joy of his father.

Though a sickening realization brought upon him one day when his son came back from school covered in bruises. Repercussion. One thing the Bruneian gangster never taught his child was to stand up for himself. He went to the school and confronted this chubby bully, “If you ever hurt my boy again, I will break your arms! Then I’ll break your fathers’ arms!” It is a sad reality isn’t it? The cycle repeats. The innocent bullied, turns into a bully, and bullies the innocent. Nonetheless, amidst the sorrowness and ordeals, love and dedication will forever follow. The boy represents a reverse reflection of his parents. The boy goes to school when his father could not, plays the piano when his mother never learnt how. Hence, Ling Ling’s final question for us was: What’s your reflection?

Our next session is hosted by our table topics master, Rano Iskandar. As a first, he made the audience fight for the table topics spot. Very odd. How did he do this? With the use of props of course! And contestants get to keep it afterwards. Firstly, we witnessed a persuasive Ruey attracting us to purchase her mousepad drawn with the logo of the world cup. Her words and tone made us think twice on purchasing other cheap mousepads since hers serve better quality and can act as a fan! Second, Allen had to confuse Reuben in order to give back his secretive pen drive that ‘belongs’ to Ching. Reuben wouldn’t want a pen drive full of ‘viruses’ infect his computer to go blue screen now would he?

Next, Edward, our young guest, expresses his love/hate dilemma on legos. A wondrous toy he received. Was it a killer? A creepy bear? Oh, it’s a zombie! Finally, our last speaker was Pearly. If you ever need a solution to your dry skin, confront her immediately. She is the master of hand moisturizers. The natural ingredients will replenish those unwanted cracks as if they were never there.

A great round of applause to Ruey who won the table topics!

“Be responsible. For you who opened the bottle cap must close it. For you who opened the door should be responsible enough to close it.” –Thought of the day by Toastmaster of the evening, Seng Yee.

Have a fantastic week ahead!

Here on behalf of our President Hazwan Kamarulzaman(away in London),

Farhan Jafar Ali.

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