15th July 2014 – Different Perspectives Shape our World

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Hello, everyone.

Our messily organized bedroom are filled with achievement mementos. Those ticket stubs from first dates, and other tidbits from miscellaneous friends and activities remind us of times spent with all our wonderful friends. As we Bear Grylls our way through the jungles of life, we may get bruised and scathed, but each experience makes us stronger and better. Each mark or cut along the way represents an unlocked achievement and polishes us to become the prizes that we are. From Farhan’s Competent Communication 2 speech, we learned how to structure our speeches with a rooted backbone and branches that do not stray far from this backbone from start to finish.

Is seeing believing? What is right and what is wrong? Men can be popular and women can be popular but not in the same ways. Our cultures determine what we should believe in. Is it fair that women are always victims like in our popular fiction while men must always come to their rescue in overly colourful tights? How can conflicting health and wealth symbols from different cultures all be true? In her Competent Communication 7 speech, Seng Yee reminded us that when we present opposing perspectives, Remember to back up all sides with their respective statistics and arguments. Men and women cannot argue their points when only women’s arguments are heard.

Edward would not dare to embarrass himself by dancing Gangnam style in public streets no matter how drawn in he feels with those catchy rhythms. If he can put on his mask though, he will have no qualms whatsoever. Amran’s dilemma centered around texting while driving. When you feel that irresistible urge to whatsapp as you cruise down Jalan Tutong, why not? Why should or shouldn’t you? Couldn’t it be a matter of life or death?

Would Serene save Chris Woo or Chris Ng from drowing? Why risk her own life! Just toss ’em some rope or just call for help since there are bound to be other people around. She can’t swim, guys! This was the least of Chris Woo’s (congratulations, best Table Topics speaker!) worries. He just wants to get away from his exhorting slave-driver of a boss. He feels strongly enough about it to sing Michael Buble’s song. ‘Let him go home~~!’

What is Ling’s excuse for speeding? Hey, the speed limit depends on traffic and your car’s capabilities, okay! In the free lands of certain Asian countries, speed away! Get pulled over law enforcers? Just say, ‘sakit perut lah!’ and you’ll be on your merry way. Humorous Table Topics, Ling! Let’s remember to avoid fiddling with our clothes during speeches, fellow speakers. Maintain eye contact with audience members too to tune in to their emotions and reactions.

‘It takes all sorts to make the world.’ – Toastmaster of the Evening.


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