3rd June 2014 – Action and Consequences

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‘Oxygen is more important than love.’ Yes, but if you live without love, what’s the point? What would your life mean if you couldn’t care any less about friends, family, or couldn’t care less about passion in life? Love for what’s around you gives meaning to your lives. Thanks, Ruey.Chris Woo reckons it would be true that when we say someone is ugly, it makes us prettier. However, when we do this we are only reflecting that ‘ugliness’ onto ourselves. Look deep within ourselves and only then will we be able to appreciate beauty around us. Our visiting fellow Toastmaster, Chandra reminded us that we are always surrounded by judging eyes. Actions speak louder than words. Hypocrites will always be called out. No matter what we say, we will be judged by all through our actions.’When you learn you teach, when you get you give.’ As challenging a topic this was, Nabil had us laughing our eyes out as he taught us that teachers learn so much when they teach. This is the beauty of teaching. His humour and confidence won him the best Table Topics award!

‘Making someone smile can change her world.’ This is why Jordon aspired to be a clown at one point in time. Clowns are acrobatic, comedic, and overall fantastic. But, meh. He doesn’t want this now. He realized clowns are never truly happy. Why else would they need to paint bright fake smiles on their faces. Macalister lives by a simple philosophy, ‘if you can’t teach him to fly, teach him to sing’. You can’t force anyone to do what isn’t right for him. If he doesn’t have an aptitude to speak., don’t force him. If he has an aptitude for math over science, teach him more math! Play on people’s strengths, everyone.We learn in an open platform. We are all students and we are all teachers. Our youngest, Edward can teach us how to step up and always be willing to have a go. Regardless of his youth, he shows admirable qualities to learn. Well said, President Stuart.

In her younger care-free days, there were times when eagerness above all else drove her forward. One day, she felt confident she could beat the incoming traffic and floors it! She heard urgent honking, then.. crash! In those dreadfully unbearable moments when she stepped out and saw a lifeless body not far from a motorbike, life came to a sudden standstill. She couldn’t have felt any more relieved when the man got up. Now his punctured lungs, broken ribs, and metal plate in neck is a constant reminder to Seng Yee that consequences cannot be undone. She is wiser now from her care-free days.

Allen’s wife, Fen always has a laugh scaring the living daylights out of him. What better thrill to seek than to dress in a white robe, hair straightened down her face, and surprise unsuspecting Allen when he does his business. Allen’s never been a fan of horror movies while Fen can’t get enough of them. He always checks behind doors, and anywhere else Fen can hide. Allen is now always on edge at home as he never knows when his wife could decide to play with his horror movie fears. Humorous and engaging, Allen!

Well done, Hidayati for a succinct yet informative Table Topics evaluation. After Amran challenged our Table Topics speakers in an encouraging way, they drove home knowing how to perform better next time. Reuben’s speech evaluations career is off to a good start with his comprehensive speech evaluation of Seng Yee’s Competent Communication 4 speech. Speaking of effective language use, Ling Ling fulfilled her obligation to English with such a detailed Grammarian report. Thanks, General Evaluator Zainal for reminding us how we can maintain our professional meeting standards and thank you, Toastmaster of the Evening Shawn for entertaining us and running our meeting smoothly.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

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