17th June 2014 – Non-words of The Day

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Salutations, everyone.

Our Table Topics speakers spoke merrily during our ‘happy’ themed spur-of-the-moment speeches. First we learned that we don’t need external gratification through objects since true happiness comes from within oneself. Next, we could all be happier if we recycled more and didn’t produce so much effluence. Lastly, if you are a bit on the heavy side, daily runs and pushups will slim you down and boost your confidence. Commendable effort, Donna, Nick, and Jerry; and fist bump, Donna for winning our best Table Topics votes!

There is always a way. Kelvin learned this at work. One man maintained his office building. He’ll replace burnt out light bulbs, he’ll fix broken fixtures, and he’ll douse any fires that burst out. Maintenance records were poor though simply because he never maintained any paperwork. Although he abhors bureaucratic paperwork, Kevin learned it was necessary. As much as he loathed it, he learned to appreciate necessary paperwork. There is always a way to overcome your predicaments.

The path to success is never straight. Thanks, Chandra for sharing your speech all the way from Kuala Lumpur. Whenever life tosses a hurdle in your way, grab it by its horns and take it head on. It takes two simple steps to overcome challenges. Ask how, and take action. Need clients to meet a USD70 million loans target? Don’t join a hardware store association, join a property developers’ association. Ask how, take action, and make corrections along the way. Remember, it is never a straight path to success.

De-vice yourselves! Our street photographer, Reuben was perplexed as to why we are too wrapped up with our smart gadgets these days. We have to seriously sit down and reexamine our ‘accepted’ habits when a stalker-like photographer can get within touching distance without us even noticing it. He is just a playful photographer. Realize the horrors pickpockets and begrudging ex-girlfriends can dubiously commit! You oyster does not lie in your smart gadgets. De-vice yourselves, smartphone zombies!

Our manager, Ruey briefed us on what the ‘sandwich’ is and how it applies to us. We’ve had carb(ohydrate)-heavy ‘sandwiches’, we’ve had carb-free ‘sandwiches’. We’ve also had ‘sandwiches’ with various ingredients all over the place, a chef’s nightmare! We are all familiar with our ‘sandwich’ method evaluations here in Toastmasters but in essence, it is simply a way of packaging our messages to others. They could be for fellow Toastmasters, they could be for your children, or they could be for your coffee-shop confidants. When we truly understand ‘the sandwich’, we’ll connect better with people around us. Thanks for the info., Ruey!

Besides our laudable office bearers, Nur’s Grammarian efforts, deserves special commendations. It has been eons since our Grammarian knocked our heads reminding us of our default go-to words such as, ‘great’, ‘fantastic’, ‘good’, ‘wonderful’, and ‘awesome’. Look up words from your thesaurus, fellow English-users. Words to pick and choose from are bountiful. What better way to mesmerize others than with words such as, ‘astonishing’, ‘awe-inspiring’, ‘phenomenal’, ‘stupendous’, and ‘wondrous’ (I’m reading through my thesaurus, Nur!).

Have a wonderful week ahead, folks!


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