10th June 2014 – Tuesday Night Shenanigans

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Greetings, girls and boys!

Jeff likes “Weird Al” Yankovic, Seng Yee respects 30 to 40 year-olds, Sarizah likes unicorns, and Shawn doesn’t like Stuart.

Jeff kicked us off (it’s World Cup fever, everyone!) with an interesting anecdote of meeting “Weird Al” Yankovic himself in a lay-over in Seattle to Vegas. Seattle is an interesting place! Where else would Jeff had a chance to meet such a creative geek who is so mesmerizing at improvisations.

What is respectable about our 30 – 40 year-old senior citizens? They damn look better than us slightly-younger ones. More importantly though, they are mature and can give solid advice from their life experiences.

If Sarizah were to have a pet, she would either keep a unicorn or a garuda. No evolved animal now even comes close to being as cool and majestic as these mythical creatures. Being able to go on magical journeys with them will just be wicked awesome.

What is it about President Stuart that makes Shawn’s blood boil? Nothing really. 52 weeks of hearing his seemingly condescending Presidential closing remarks is just a bit too much for Shawn. Heck, even 5 weeks can be more than enough. Shawn says instead of Stuart, we should all love Shawn!

Well done, guest Mei Lin for showing us the confidence to just have a go! We learned a lot about three of our treasured possessions. Remember, guys.. an education helps us sail through life, having basic necessities reminds us to be grateful, and a close-knit family is our support system in life.

Kudos, still-guest-almost-member (certain previously-mentioned members can’t wait for you to turn 18) Farhan for sharing another entertaining story. The bad in him is that he would refuse to share his pizza with the homeless. The good in him though realizes his guilt over hogging his pizza will one day push him to help others.

Standing ovation to Jordan for throwing your first pitch with your icebreaker! Your confident delivery, powerful voice projection, and eloquent words is way ahead of the game. Who is Jordan to us? If you need someone reserved or someone cool-headed to help you along, call bro Jordan. If you want someone up for some fun and recreation, call bro Jordan. If you just need some reliable help, call bro Jordan. Jordan is the ‘on-call’ bro.

So you think Lowell can dance? That dance champion bulldozed any doubts we had. Lowell drew us in his Competent Communication 4 speech with his bright and colourful vocabulary. His uncoordinated self started off shrieking like a slaughtered cow even in the pre-dance stretches, he learned to count 5-6-7-8 as he strutted on stage, and then his team got crowned dance champions after he let go of his reservations and just danced his heart out.

Unbelievably far out speech, Ling Ling! Wherever he may be right now, I’m sure your mentor cannot be any happier with your progress in this arduous journey. Ling Ling has set the vocal variety benchmark in a Competent Communication 6 speech. “Ling Ling plus steering wheel, equals ACCIDENT!” “Turn left. No, not THAT left!” ” I drive, you SIT”! Do not touch anything!” Ling Ling carried us on a journey filled with peaks and valleys with her engaging story on why she doesn’t drive now. *Big round of applause!*

Thank you, office bearers Bobby, Stuart, Nur, Chris Ng, and Shiela. We all maintain our proficiencies when we practice often. Special mention to our incoming Sergeant at Arms, Amran who eagerly started his duties ahead of the new term; to Hidayati for conducting our Table Topics session smoothly with your choice of topics; to Bibi for her Grammarian report which behooved us (booyah! that’s another point for Haz!); and to Reuben for authoritatively carrying out the General Evaluator responsibilities.

“Weird Al” Yankovic, senior citizens, unicorns, Stuart, treasured possessions, pizzaless hobos, the ‘on-call bro’, dance champions, Asian-female driver, and new office bearers learning the ropes. What a night!

Your Toastmaster of the Evening,

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