6th May 2014 – Family Love

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What should we expect from expecting father-to-be, Allen? It is hard to say as a daughter or a son would change a family’s dynamics each in a different way. Regardless of who will grace them, Allen and wife are looking forward to enriching times ahead.

‘We must not work hard too hard’. Asmal shared an enlightening story that taught him this lesson. A teacher’s life can be hectic but when you see your mum dragging herself by the roadside because you forget to take her home, you know you must not work too hard that you forget your family responsibilities!

Love and appreciate your siblings! After being inspired to play basketball by a cartoon, Farhan made his sister promise him to keep him from being lazy. Farhan’s sister keeps him moving with their backyard basketball games. These games not only keep him physically active but keeps the brother-sister bond alive and strong.

Despite being a successful independent professional, Agnes knows her mum will always be her best boss. Her mum drives her forward. With today’s technology so easily accessible, no matter where you are, your mum can always drive you towards success as mum plus facebook equals solid mum-daughter relationship. Congratulations on being voted our best Table Topics speaker, Agnes!

How horrible is failure? As Kelvin learned to organize his speech, he retold his nightmare experiences as his university’s cultural show’s stage manager. As fiascos foiled a perfectly planned performance, failure can seem so horrible until you tell yourself that failures teach us habits for success such as always being prepared with plans A to Z if so many things go wrong. This is how failure is the mother of success. Well said, Kelvin.

Women’s equality? NO! women are far superior debaters than men. There are simple reasons behind Seng Yee’s point. When it comes to an argument between a loving couple, as soon as she asks, ‘do you love me?’, she takes the wheel and he follows. Besides, a woman would always have the final word. Anything a man utters is the beginning of a new argument. Seng Yee has convinced the women while the men are certain there is much more to the story.

You could be a model, a hostess, or a ship stewardess. For sanity’s sake, why would you become a midwife? There is no occasion that calls for someone to be a midwife, no one desires it. Do you do it to mend your broken heart? To get away from life perhaps? It is an exhausting job and you are often alone. However, there is no feeling that compares to the joy and fulfillment you feel when you deliver a child to his or her mother and to see the sparkle in a mother’s eyes when she holds on dearly to the loveliest tiny being alive. Thank you, Fen for sharing such an engaging story with us!

Kudas to Ling Ling for carrying us through an entertaining and light-hearted Table Topics session. All points to Lowell for tirelessly working round the clock to run our meeting as Toastmaster of the Evening. These two relatively new members showed us regardless of how nerve-wrecking taking meeting roles can be, they can keep a cool head and enjoy their time on stage. Well done, guys!


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