20th May 2014 – From Spiderman to Friends and Funny Pilots

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Good morning, everyone.

Our Table Topics speakers shared some of their personal stories with us. Ling reckons with her eloquent words, Ling Ling is the funniest person he’s met. Ling Ling can easily run her own successful improvisation show. Farhan’s least favourite book is John Green’s ‘The Fault in our Stars’. He hates it with a passion! He only hopes the upcoming movie release will be a piece he can enjoy.

Helmi shared his personal fears. There is nothing in this world more frightening than heights. Despite the breathtaking views you’ll see from great heights, it will never be worth taking the risk. Although the youngest with limited experiences in our crowd, Edward entertained us with how he enjoys playing his Spiderman video game on his dad’s computer. He loves the game even with how big, scary, and menacing Venom can be. Well done, guys!

Our other Table Topics speakers shared insightful advice to take home. If Kelvin were to win the lottery, he would immediately give half away and would hide the remaining half. Money corrupts and you’re better off with your humble lifestyle. According to Jordan, teenagers seldom have the maturity to think twice before taking action. The two things you must never give a teenager together are keys to his or her own car topped up with ample money. This is just asking for trouble.

Bobby loves sports, arts, and business. The ideal job for anyone would be to run his or her own business. When you do this, any of your life’s passion can generate income for you. Now, are we to abhor addictions? Our best Table Topics winner, Hidayati eloquently explained why we must embrace our addictions. Our addictions tell us the deep emotions we must address and only when we do this will we become well-rounded individuals.

Friends determine who we are. Our rebellious friends teach us to cheat in exams, our glamorous friends into various extra-curricular activities and the arts teach us to bewitch our romantic interests, while our top-achieving friends help us achieve our career aspirations. Choose your friends wisely as friends are gifts you give yourself. Thanks for sharing that, Bibi!

Be kind. To strangers and non-strangers alike, be kind to those around you! We can create a perfect, kind, and selfless world when we simply help those in our community, when we say kind words to others, or even when we just smile and pat someone on the back. There is no bounds to how one tiny act of kindness can snowball. Nicely said, Sarizah and well done on your Competent Communication 2 speech (Bibi too)!.

Reuben had us laughing and gripping our seats with his Competent Communication 6 speech. Who knew Reuben has a private license to fly? Apparently taking off a plane is no big deal. You push and pull some levers and you’re up! Landing on the other hand is a whore different ball game. After air currents from the Gadong power plant lead to his mislanding shenanigans, Reuben can’t feel any luckier to be alive today.

Well done to our role players for effectively running our meeting given a few last-minute emergencies. Us practicing often allows us to be ready at a moment’s notice. Special mention to Ling Ling who did a remarkable job as our Table Topics evaluator for the first time.

Cheers, everyone.

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