29th April 2014 – For a Better Tomorrow

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G’day fellow Toastmasters,

There are ongoing steps we can take to enrich our lives. In our Table Topics session, Genevieve kicked us off by reminding us to always make the most of our days. Whether you do yoga, spend time with loved ones, or simply enjoy losing yourself in your hobbies, never let a minute go to waste! Clovis shared the joy he feels in dedicating himself to self-improvement. After so many years of taking those steps, our Competent Toastmaster taught us the true value of listening intently to others.

Kudos to our guests Najib and Nabil for eagerly sharing their stories. Najib believes we must never take our childhood friends for granted. As busy as we are today, we must always keep in touch with them. According to Nabil, as Toastmasters say ‘bad things’ to each other during their meetings, it is all done with the purest of intentions as we learn to better ourselves. Always try something new! Congratulations Nabil for being voted best Table Topics speaker!

As Reuben delivered his Competent Communication 4 speech, he took us on a roller coaster of a journey with his rich vocabulary. From his car swerving in and out and turning turtle, to the close encounters with a crocodile amidst glowing fireflies, to almost falling into a deep abyss in pitch darkness, we now understand why we must appreciate all of what life offers us.

Ling Ling confidently expressed herself in her Competent Communication 5 speech. There are three steps to take in sticking to your guns. We evaluate, we have an excuse, and we execute. This was how Ling Ling learned to assert herself and gained confidence in being able to say ‘NO’ to others. Cheers, Ling Ling!

Allen has taken his baby steps in learning to give humourous speeches. Laughs were aplenty as he eloquently delivered his speech on him becoming health-conscious. The times when Allen was fat and when he is fit was clearly contrasted. Junk food was his vice until his pants told him it was time for a turnaround. After much hard work, he now dedicates himself to maintaining his hourglass figure and 42″ chest. Well done, Allen.

Thank you office bearers for eagerly taking up our meeting roles! Special mention to Kelvin, Lowell, and Seng Yee for performing their duties well as new members. Shawn was concise and focused on key points in his Table Topics evaluation. Donna clearly highlighted how effective our meeting was and how we can maintain our standards in meetings to come. Donna’s General Evaluator report and closing remarks were worthy of professional appraisal. Last but definitely not least, thank you, Ruey for organizing and running our meeting smoothly as Toastmaster of the Evening. To rehash our thoughts of the evening, ‘we must always take steps for a better tomorrow, what we do today can improve us tomorrow’.

Thank you, everyone and see you next week!


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