1st April 2014 – Leaders of tomorrow

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Good day, everyone.

Kae Wen and Bobby confidently kicked off our Table Topics session by sharing bits about their everyday lives. Kae Wen feels blessed being able to live in such a peaceful country where the Sultan himself freely roams about and mingle with local residents regularly. We now know how important facebook is for Bobby as it reminds when those important anniversaries are, especially his wife’s birthday!

Genevieve and Hidayati told interesting tales to how they would react in hypothetical scenarios. Genevieve would remain surprisingly calm if her plane was diverted from France to South Africa by hijackers. As much as Hidayati would admire a man’s confidence in proposing to her two weeks into a relationship, she would trust her guts and get far far away from a man who is a little bit too eager.

Joel and Fen shared solid advice for all of us when they put their psychologist and counselor hats on. When prescribed medicine fails, Joel would help his patient by delving deep into his or her fundamental psychological and social issues. Fen would give all the support she possibly can for a pregnant student. Fully committing yourself, is the only way you can truly help others make life-changing decisions.

Well done to our guests for delivering convincing Table Topics speeches. Luna convinced us to seize our opportunities and always pursue our passions. If Milky were to move to Russia for a job promotion, she would jump on that opportunity as who knows what experiences she can gain. Congratulations Huwaida for being voted our best Table Topics speaker! As a mother whose child has superpowers to become invisible, we must help her manage her child!

Thank you role players for you due diligence in running our meeting. Pearly ensured our Table Topics session ran smoothly with her open-ended topics, Ling Ling provided a comprehensive Grammarian report, and Ong Yin gave critical feedback and advice to take away for our next meetings.

As our 2013/2014 Toastmasters term is in it’s final stretch, our President, Stuart asked us a crucial question, who would lead our club as executive committee members next term? That is up to you, fellow members. If you are liminal on your stance in whether or not you are capable or should be leading our club, seize this golden learning opportunity. This is your opportunity to give so much more to our club, it is your opportunity to grow as individuals, and it is your moment to realize your full potential in becoming our leaders.


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