25th March 2014 – Be Guile

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Good day, fellow Toastmasters.

‘The side of someone I don’t know.’ Joel’s challenging Table Topics theme shoved our speakers out of their comfort zones when they had to reveal their impressions of fellow members. Our speakers crafted beguiling speeches and had the audience burst out laughing as the speakers revealed members’ secrets!

First of all, without doubt the most talkative one amongst us is no other than Table Topics Master, Joel. Considering how much Joel loves the sound of his own voice when he does his speeches, it is no surprise to us that Joel stands out as the talkative one in Shiela’s eyes.

He has been a social butterfly ever since he was a primary school child. Ever since then, Reuben has partied his heart out in so many fundraisers and social gatherings. Even today as he is busy with Toastmasters clubs in Brunei, he always finds time to party. Cheers for sharing who Reuben is with us, Chris Ng.

We hear his voice loud and clear all the time. He commands our attention, and we follow his instructions as President Stuart directs us where to go. Zainal reminds us to be cautious though. Stuart could have grown up as a bully and because of that, we must always be wary of mistaking bullying tactics for vocal leadership qualities!

For his good command of the English language and unique stand-out personality, Pearly has to assume it was Bob who lived in New York and ran around dressed up as a Ghostbuster in his fun-filled childhood years. Even at this age today, we can all imagine Bob wearing the necessary overalls!

Last but not least, kudos to our guest Amelia who gave Table Topics a go despite the challenging topic. What would Amelia do as a real estate owner of property by a power plant? This is a no-brainer, as soon as values drop, you would get up straight away and invest in higher-value properties elsewhere!

Operating a crane is dangerous work. This gigantic and menacing piece of machinery can easily crush anything in its path. This is Amran’s license to kill and with this designated authority, comes serious responsibility. As Amran learned to organize his speech, he shared his insights on being responsible and never ever being complacent. We must always remember these even when we are recognized to have skills that others don’t.

Study smart, not hard. Lowell’s message was clear. Being a student, Lowell learned valuable lessons on the learning process. Instead of spewing out fact after fact robotically, we learn more effectively when we understand concepts. We can easily understand concepts if we are simply curious and eager enough to ask probing questions. Lastly, amidst our busy lives, effective learning and personal growth is easily achievable with managing time properly. Study smart, not hard, everyone.

Anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating are just a few of the eating disorders that plague our world today. Regardless of our age, eating disorders can easily affect anyone. Young adults are particularly susceptible to suffer from eating disorders especially in today’s world where we are surrounded by aggressive marketing ploys that sell, ‘the perfect body image.’ Ling Ling raised our awareness of this plague around us and how we should help those who suffer from these sickening eating disorders.

Thank you office bearers, Ong Yin, Bobby, Bob, Allen, Nur, Shawn, and Bibi for your critical and objective evaluation reports for our meeting. They were honest, concise, and contributed effectively to us learning our lessons this week. Thank you, everyone for the pleasant evening and welcome newbie member, Seng Yee!


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