4th February 2014

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Red is all around. Is red your auspicious colour? Red excites us, makes us eager to get up and go. Statistics say 1 out of 5 people love red. Farhan says yes to the colour, red makes him auspicious! Since red is all around, it has to be Chinese New Year! We heard interesting insights into Chinese New Years customs. Since it is a season to indulge, Nur convinced us red envelopes are for everyone from school children to busy parents. There is no discrimination in this festive sharing season.

Speaking of red envelopes, Shawn never liked the idea. It’s a pleasure that wealth is shared and spread around but kids grow up attaching monetary values to relationships, $5 for an acquaintance friendship and $50 for close and personal family companions. After seeing lanterns light up the skies every year, Reuben (welcome to the club!) taught us the round shapes represents the full moon and the auspicious red colours symbolize life.

Besides these insights, our Table Topics speakers shared their lives’ memorable moments. After all these years, Ling can still recall how he ran around naughtily around his family’s old wooden house, flying over a balcony with no railing, smashing his head on the ground, and having gallons of industrial alcohol poured on his head to calm the wounds. Amran had a quiet Chinese New Year until he received a red envelope from Ling. Even at the age of 30, what a pleasant surprise!

What’s even more surprising is the fact that Zainal wouldn’t invite his relatives over to his place. Cruel? Not when his prolonged single life is always open to scrutiny and embarrassing love advice from those relatives. Last but not least, as we indulge in an abundance of food, Francis recommends we stay healthy by devouring plenty of colourful veggies and lots of fish for a prosperous life.

Congratulations, Shawn for being our best Table Topics speaker! Cheers, Fen for being a delightful Table Topics Master alongside our delightful Toastmaster of the Evening, Ruey. Well done, Ong Yin for providing such detailed feedback to how our impromptu speaking skills can be improved and thank you, role players for your advice!

After our usual sessions, our District 87 Ambassador Shawn briefed us on potential encouraging changes to our Toastmasters educational program. Imagine the whole educational program being streamlined, imagine more interactive learning experiences with fellow Toastmasters across borders, imagine having a personalized development program in your Toastmasters journey. These are exciting times to come in Toastmasters. Cheers, Shawn.