25th February 2014 – Lessons and Icebreakers

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Hello, everyone.

Our consumer-driven world today is filled with random consumer products. We have tiny electronic devices that control our access to large vehicles, we have smart devices that encourage not-so-smart behaviour, and we have such an abundance of intricate and colourful clothing. Ling fantasizes about having his own voice-operated vehicle and doesn’t know what to do with all the tiny gadgets he gets from fairs and exhibitions. As meaningful as it is for Reuben’s three loyal twitter followers to always be quickly updated with his lunch habits, Stuart shared insights into how we can utilize our technology more productively. Lastly, the abundance of clothing allows us to indulge in gifts for love ones regardless of where we travel to. Omar for example loves to spurge on clothing in Bangladesh.

Our other Table Topics speakers shared delightful stories about their passions. Amirul is an avid Football Manager player. Narrow-minded folks may easily dismiss video games as time-wasters but Amirul appreciates their value. He hones his diligent managerial skills through the strategic thinking skills required to succeed in Football Manager. Dr Sophiana had a penchant for public speaking, until the eye-opening Toastmasters experience! However, Toastmasters is where she learned to appreciate stage presence more, especially personal eye contact with audience members. Congratulations on being voted our best Table Topics speaker!

Lai Ling Ling. We learned the name and identity of our new member from her Icebreaker speech. She grew up feeling socially awkward. Then she found solace in engrossing herself in mountains of books. Eventually all that knowledge she learned opened up her creativity which opened up her social world. Now she has found drive and ambition, and aspires to be a lawyer.

What Reuben shared in his Icebreaker story was how he came to terms with his fears and how that has put his life into perspective. From breaking down in spastic fear and having to be rescued by his date, he realized understanding your limitations and overcoming your fears one step at a time is the way forward. As he sees bright skies over the horizon, and now with more than three loyal twitter followers, there is a promising future without butterflies or worms-with-wings as he calls them to come.

Lowell learned to organize a speech from his Competent Communication 2 speech. After being devastated with his school results, Lowell has learned to embrace failure before learning and succeeding. Never take failure as a personal reflection, nobody learns without harsh trial and error. Each failed step teaches you a lesson; people fall so they can learn to get back up. Solid advice, Lowell.

There was plenty to learn. It was an entertaining and fun-filled meeting particularly with our Toastmaster of the Evening, Chris Woo and our Table Topics Master, Chris Ng enjoying themselves so much. The energy was contagious! Thanks, everyone!


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