18th February 2014 – Celebrations!

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Greetings fellow Toastmasters,

As national day celebrations approaches, our Competent Toastmaster, Clovis began our Table Topics session highlighting the differences between national day and hari raya celebrations. Remember, we catch up with our loved ones during hari raya and we come together as united people on national day and celebrate our country’s success.

Donna never liked Valentine’s day. What is the point of over-pressuring yourself only for businesses to profit off you? Why go through all that pressure and stress unnecessarily? Whether you watch a movie, eat in cafes, or play boardgames, what we really treasure is just spending time with friends and family.

During the new year celebrations, Ling Ling advocates all of us to dig in and enjoy ‘yee sang’. Only on rare occasions do we get to indulge in such lavish and luxurious dishes. Not only is ‘yee sang’ a treat, it marks wealth and prosperity in past and future years. Welcome to the Brunei Speakers’ Club, Ling Ling!

On the 23rd of February, we all get a day off to do our homework! National day celebrations are fun and exciting times. Everyone in the the country comes together and celebrates. What Nabilah remembers and loves the most is strolling along in the parades and dancing her heart out in the stage performances.

Jordan is a heart. He is our centerpiece. He pumps our blood and keeps us jumping. We wouldn’t even be around here if it was not for Jordon. He keeps us alive! What else is there to say? Well done Nabilah and Jordan for showing us courage and taking those first steps in the Toastmasters experience.

Our last Table Topics speaker took home the best Table Topics award. Whether you would commercialize or traditionalize Valentine’s day, Genevieve opposes the forced pressures of the day. We should not just express our love in one day during the year since we can do so for 365 days in the year. Well said, Genevieve!

As Chris Ng learned to organized a speech in his Competent Communication 2 speech, Chris shared sound advice to alleviate our addiction to smart devices. There are three essential instances when we must not pick up our smart devices to check our facebook status. Not when you driving, not when you are at the work place, and definitely not when someone is talking to you. Avoid dangerous road hazards, respect your colleagues, and stop phubbing!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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