11th February 2014

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Shiela has always been driven intellectually. It does take much motivation to learn English, Mandarin, Spanish, and German! Being as ambitious as she was, it was no surprise that she wanted to change the world. As she matured though and came to terms with her life, she now lives by her mantra of living a healthy physical, spiritual, financial, community-filled, and family-filled life.

After saving up from earning RM20 a day, Chris Ng earned his computing certification and built his own successful computer training business. After 15 years of hard-earned success, working in an airport terminal, working at an educational centre, and now working at a premier public relations business, Chris Ng looks forward to continued growth as he happily contributes to our community. Well done Shiela and Chris Ng for sharing your stories in your icebreaker speeches!

Pride and arrogance teaching humility. This is what we learned from Chris Woo’s vocal variety speech. Chris carried us on a hilarious and emotional journey as a fat and arrogant Judo aficionado growing up. Undefeated for so long thanks to his heavy-cheesecake like stature, he met his match when he came up against a mountain of a boy. After being pummeled and pounded to a pulp, he realized how arrogant he was towards other boys and now strongly values humility.

‘I am a Bird’. This is a short story written by Kathrina Hj Daud. Flying back and fourth between two distant lands to call home always raises conflicting emotions. Between the fast hustle and bustle of one place and the more subdued walk of another, between the different attitudes of one place and another, it is difficult to call one place home over the other. As he ruminated his own experiences, Zainal brought Kathrina’s words to life in his interpretive reading speech.

Well done to our role players who took up their particular roles for the first time. Sarizah provided a comprehensive grammarian report, Lowell put in a solid effort in his concise Ah-Counter and ‘Who Said What?’ report, and Reuben performed his timer roles diligently. Cheers, Donna for your honest and encouraging Icebreaker speech evaluation. This marks another step taken in our Toastmasters journey.