21st January 2014

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In his Competent Communication 4 speech, Chris Woo’s concise, vivid, and eloquent words entertained us all as he exposed Disney’s dark side. After entertaining himself with 54 rerun’s of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, he is now wise to Disney’s brain-washing. Alongside tales of chivalry, honour, and self-righteousness, Disney tells children they are never good enough, such absurdity! Should we continue to show our young ones these horrible Disney films?!

Machines are physically superior to us puny humans. When machines break, a part is replaced and they are on their way again. Machines learn much faster than we can. In an ever-changing world, we will not be able to keep up with machines. As Ling practiced expressing his body language in his Competent Communication 5 speech, we must enjoy today’s world before machines will inevitably take over the world rendering us redundant.

Courage, Faith, Love. It took a lot of courage for Allen to leave the comfortable life of a professional in the oil and gas industry. It took a lot of faith for him to believe that life had much more to offer than an endless rat race. Through his personal accounts in his poignant Competent Communication 10 speech, Allen instilled in us that with having courage, faith, and loved ones around you for support, the world is your oyster. Congratulations and standing ovation to now Competent Communicator, Allen Ang!

During a horse-riding trip, Genevieve remembered in the blink of an eye her horse speeding away like a locomotive, her being thrown in the air and everything going dark. Genevieve shared a dramatic account of her drastic injuries she experienced from a fractured spine to broken ribs. After her traumatizing times and her having the willpower to get on with life, we can all appreciate how we can all get back on the horse so to speak when the time comes. Cheers, Genevieve.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but 300 words were more than enough as Sarizah conducted our Table Topics session. Our Table Topics speakers looked at various photos and made up their back stories. We heard tales of fishes, sunshine, water, and expensive boat rides from Fen and Bibi. Wayne and Chris respectively shared insights into overcoming insecurities and adhering to grandma’s advice. Congratulations, Wayne for being voted best Table Topics speaker!

Thank you, Donna for hosting our lively meeting as our Toastmaster of the Evening. Our role-players enthusiastically and encouragingly performed their duties and there was much to learn from them. Cheers, Joel for conducting our evaluations session. As General Evaluator, you’ve provided plenty of thinking points for us to take home. We’ll see everyone next week!