14th January 2014

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Robocops and Terminators, we may not be as menacing as they are but they are essentially who we are. Each of us are complex machines put together from various manufactured parts. We are not human! We require various parts to function effectively from the shoes that protect us from blisters to to phones that comfort us in the bedroom and in the washroom. Chris Woo’s Competent Communication 3 speech was informative and highly entertaining.

At the age of eleven and before competing in a Malay storytelling contest, Fen felt so confident about emerging victorious. All that glory must be deserved given all her dedicated practice beforehand. Shock of all shocks, Fen did not win! She doubted her abilities. After months of intense practice and encouragement from her mentor Cikgu Sarimah, Fen found her confidence and learned to say, “I am good enough!”. It was a touching storytelling speech, Fen.

2014 has kicked-off and what are our resolutions? We should say ‘NO!’ to resolutions! Despite our ideal views on our health, financial matters, and personal relationships, empty words only set us up for disappointment. What we need are systematic approaches with specific actions outlined to achieve our goals. With your long-term goals in mind, set out daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly actions. After sharing those insights with us in her Competent Communication 3 speech, Hidayati is on her way to writing her workplace survival guidebook. Thanks, Hidayati!

Our Table Topics speakers filled the room with fun and laughter as well as gave simple pieces of advice. We can’t go wrong with retiring early and traveling the world. We can’t go wrong with being a bit more assertive when we make decisions. We can’t go wrong with appreciating the calmness of having peace of mind. We pondered about the possibilities of having a fully polite population, we pondered about swapping bodies with our fit fitness instructors, then we pondered about the dilemmas of either pursuing a singing or an acting career.

If you had the ability to speak with one animal, why not speak to the E.Coli bacteria to understand the shenanigans going on in someone’s stomach? Well done, Joel and Reuben for being voted best Table Topics speakers! We now know why Joel is so grateful to being a man and Reuben shared his insights to traveling back in time to before our meeting began. Cheers, everyone for your humorous Table Topics speeches!

In a chaos-themed meeting, there was much to learn from meeting proceedings turning Topsy-turvy, especially for our role players who were randomly assigned meeting roles. Well done, role players for diligently performing your duties despite the limited preparation time. Cheers Jeff for initiating the different learning experience in playing the Toastmaster of the Evening role. You have shared your knowledge and experiences with us within your time with the Brunei Speakers’ Club and we have all learned so much from them. All the best with your new career opportunities in the United States!