17th December 2014

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Season’s greetings everyone,

The holiday season is filled with stories of love, treasured moments with friends, and showcasing talents. What is love to Amran? It is hard to say, but he likes Mariah Carey as she is so rich. Genevieve is spot on to say that there are never a few particular “WOW!” moments but joy and happiness are in abundance when you spend time and time again surrounded by loved ones.

As for talents? Bashira showcased her burping talents to put arrogant Rudolph in place and Bob “Montgomery Burns” showcased his torturing and extortion capabilities to receive early Christmas presents. Well done, Ruey for being voted best Table Topics speaker! It is arduous to eat your favourite snacks without your two front teeth. All Ruey asks for Christmas to be happy are her two front teeth.

While growing up, she was active in many extra-curricular activities in school. Eventually, she was drawn into the world of biology and science, then pursued higher education in biotechnology. With loving support from a family of academics and successful studies in Malaysia and the United Kingdom, Bibi has found passion in the grain we eat everyday. She looks forward to growing as an agronomist in the years to come. Well done for breaking the ice, Bibi!

To be aware, and to have self-control. These were two key messages Naif conveyed as he learned about organizing speeches. What is Karate? What Naif learned through the martial art is that he doesn’t have to kick someone in the face before being able to enjoy his tea. When confronted, embracing challenging moments calmly with a strong sense of self-control will resolve those challenging moments. Be aware, and have self-control. Cheers for sharing your Karate insights, Naif.

Imagine a poor woodsman sadly sobbing away deep in the woods. Imagine the befuddlement and the excitement he feels when a beautiful and mystical magical fairy appears and grants him all that he could ever wish for. These wishes come and disappear in the blink of an eye. “Yamaaa~ KadabrAA!” *poof!* What happens? Fen stimulated plenty of imagination as she practiced storytelling a folktale and we enjoyed the emotions enticed by her rich vocabulary. Thanks, Fen!

Cheers Ong Yin for your fun-filled holidays-themed Table Topics session and cheers Shawn for cheerfully conducting our meeting as our Toastmaster of the Evening. Thank you role players for your honest feedback in helping us learn and grow. Happy holidays, everyone!