Rahmat Tarsat, CC was the TME last Tuesday’s meeting and the theme of the night was “Firsts”.  Grammarian TM Sophiana Chua introduced the Word of the day which was ‘Unsurpassed’.

During the first part of the meeting, Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB shared with us his venture on food and shopping during his honeymoon in Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

While TM Awfa  Nawawi persuaded us to replace sugar with honey and taught us how to differentiate between processed and organic honey with a demonstration.

On the second part of the meeting:

TM Philip Mooi talked about his first paycheck which was given to his mother.

TM Haryati Abd Gafur introduced the first person that she admired, a Chinese man, but not Wu Chun, it was actually her biology teacher.

Heidi Rahman, CC shared about her feelings and reaction when she first knew that she is going to be a mother.

Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB reminisced about his first group of friends in school.

Ong Yin, CC, CL was asked about the first time feeling like a teacher but confessed that she never really felt that she has reached the great pedestal of being a master teacher and hope to continue to grow.

Last but not least, we had TM Shahu who told us about her first trip abroad.

The best table topic speaker was Philip and best evaluator was TM Syatrah Roslan.


Written by: TM Sharon Lim
Photo credit: TM Sophiana Chua